Who - What - Where - Why?

Can You Believe This

We are a small group of individuals that had an idea of recording stories and putting them on the web.  The name Can You Believe This is certainly suitable for some of the stories we have heard.  

If you feel like your road is never ending and going nowhere, perhaps its time to get together and talk.

What are we doing?

We will be collecting personal stories from individuals who are frustrated with the treatment they have been receiving from various government agencies with a primary focus on the abuse that the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board is handing down to injured workers. 


Remember that, you are not alone.  

Where is all this taking place?

At the present time, we do not have a location that we operate out of.  We have taken footage at the public library, some interviews were done in the privacy of participants and we have been supported by the Thunder Bay and District Injured Workers Support Group by means of utilizing their office space.

Why are we doing this?

This project was discussed a few years back, but we never actually made a commitment to it until recently.  We feel that some people need a place to tell their stories, a place to vent out, somewhere that they know people who are listening to them actually care. 

We hope that by producing these videos, we will be able to target the MPPs not only here in Thunder Bay but throughout the province.   In helping injured workers, we have seen such poorly made decisions from the case managers that it absolutely absurd, where we have to make noise, we need to tell people and perhaps this is a way that might get some attention. 

Moses C. Sheppard has been a long time USW Staff Rep and has advocated for injured workers for decades.  His ability and determination to get at the truth  and to find ways in helping injured workers will their appeals at the Appeals Resolution Level, to being very successful at the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appreals Tribunal.

Moses is also participating in this project by doing some interviews with injured workers and their family members. 


Bruce Curtola has been helping our  group as a videographer.  His willingness to help in any way he can makes him a perfect match for what this group wants to do, and that is helping others. 

Robert Larocque  has purchased the domain Can You Believe This and is also responsible for the video, audio, and post production.  Hoping that this  will be a turning point for people to come over and share their stories.  “One thing for sure, those that visit the site much share it with their friends if we are going to get the traffic we are looking to get”.  There will soon be a Facebook page set up as well.  

Organizations that we have partnered with to make this possible.

The Canadian Injured Workers Alliance has provided CYBT with a web hosting package which has contributed to being able to get site online.

The Thunder Bay and District Injured Workers Support Group have agreed to let us do some of the taping at their location at 1201 Jasper Drive off Balmoral. 

The Moses Sheppard Scholarship Award through its founder have supplied for all video and audio equipment.

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