So what did that Basic Income Pilot project give to people?

The Ford government cancelled the Basic Income Pilot Project which the Liberals had introduced.  

Premier Ford said in Thunder Bay, that the best way to keep people out of poverty was them to get a job. 

Not only has Roland found a job, he returned to school to and now started as an electrician apprentice.  

Looking at the long term on this, Roland will contribute to the province through taxes, spending and so on.  He could eventually become self employed and create more jobs, and pay more taxes, and create more spending.  All because of the Liberals Basic Income Project which has now been cancelled by the Ford government. 

Thunder Bay Health Coalition Town Hall Meeting 

With all the cuts that the Ford Government wants to do to our health care system, it seems, that only the rich will survive.

When Ford said ” we are going to eliminate hallway health care ” nobody knew what his real agenda was.  I’m also certain that had the people of Ontario been told the truth, Ford would have NEVER been elected as our premier.  No, this is not a typed error there is no capital P in a premier that is destroying our Province. 

This video was taped at the town hall meeting in April of 2019 and we are only gearing up for a fight against this privatization of our health care system. 

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