Thunder Bay Injured Workers Rally May 14, 2019

We gathered in front of our local MPP Michael Gravelle to protest the cuts that the Ford Government is making to social programs affecting people who need it the most. 

Ford says he’s “for the people” but has demonstrated again and again that he’s for “some” people, mainly the rich and big businesses.

This video was recorded in Thunder Bay 

Can you tell us how your son was treated by the WSIB?

” You know, he was treated not as a human being, not even as an animal, he was treated as a thing”.

“When a thing breaks, you throw it out, that’s what it is”.

This video was recorded in Claire’s house in Sudbury ON, by Bob Larocque.

I apologize for the error in the handouts.  This has now been corrected and changed a bit.  New words have been added which may change the outcome of the game. 

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